Al's Samui Resort Activities And Attractions

The Big Buddha

Samui's most popular attraction, The Big Buddha sitting 15 meters tall first built in 1972. Most Visitors come to marvel at beauty of this remarkable statue at some point during their holiday.

Hin Ta – Hin Yai

These unusual formations are known as the Grandfather and Grandmother Rocks. The site is a popular attraction for locals and tourists alike because of their close resemblance to male and female genitals. Their formation and shape have been personified into a local tale describing their existence on the island. The story goes that an old couple’s boat wrecked and sunk in the bay, where their bodies washed ashore and created these strange rocks.

Buffalo Fighting

A pair of male water buffaloes are pitted against one another in what amounts to a fairly harmless head wrestling contest, which can be seen in many area around the island. This widely loved spectacle still takes place at selected venues around the island, where banners are displayed days in advance. The show at the edge of the ring is just as entertaining as the one within. The first beast to turn and run away is the loser, and so are some punters in the crowd.

Monkey Show

On Samui, the monkey is man’s best friend. For centuries, the people here have used monkeys to do the hardest part of the work climbing the trees to pick ripe nuts on their coconut plantations. Until the advent of tourism, coconuts represented the main industry here, so these industrious little animals were greatly prized. In the outdoor theatre, monkeys display their incredible dexterity, and not just at picking coconuts. The entertainment also includes performing elephants.

Butterfly Garden

Na Tian Butterfly Garden is a kaleidoscope of color provided by hundreds of spectacular butterflies. For bug enthusiasts there’s also an Insect Museum, featuring rare insects from Thailand and other countries, and a bee house, which allows the visitor to observe the activities of bees.


Nangyuan – Tao island is one out of ten of the most beautiful rest and relax places in the world. This island is the perfect place to release the stress, for more adventurous experience or to sit and enjoy quiet sunsets on the beach. Koh Nang Yuan is connected 3 land with massive sandbar.